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Designed around lifting the heaviest of pianos, the KTT Smart Move Grand Mover is the only muscle you will ever need to safely prepare and transport a grand piano. The ease of moving is accomplished by combining the two motions of lifting and tilting the piano into one smooth, seamless, automated operation. Nothing could be safer or simpler.

By utilizing a powerful self-contained hydraulic system, the KTT Smart Move Grand Mover will revolutionize the way you think of piano moving. The mechanism is constructed of TIG welded high strength steel components making the KTT Smart-Move Grand Mover incredibly strong and powerful, yet lightweight. It is now possible, with the use of the KTT Smart Move Grand Mover, for anyone to safely place a grand piano onto a skid-board and dolly, ready for transport, without ever having to lift or in any way come in contact the piano.

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